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As your dedicated emergency dental clinic Tampa, we have always seen exceptional customer service and quality of treatment as the hallmark of a successful and trusted clinical practice. A trip to our lovely island is meant to be a stay in our lovely city. However, that is not always the case. A lovely weekend away with the family has suddenly been tarnished with a dental emergency.

No need to wait 12-hours plus for treatment – an emergency dentist can come to the rescue, giving you the opportunity to seek dental care immediately.

Your immediate thoughts divert from surfing the beautiful waves on the coast to hunting down an Emergency Dentist in Tampa, FL. Our established professional network of the best dentists in Tampa are well equipped with the latest and greatest dental technology.

How to prevent a dental emergency

Important precautions one can take greatly improve your chances of suffering a possible dental emergency. The most important advice is to treat your teeth with importance and care. You only get one set of permanent teeth and that is why regular brushing day and night with a premium toothpaste will go a very long way. Ceasing nail biting or munching on inedible objects can go a long way in preventing future dental disasters. Teeth are meant for chewing food and not biting on hard objects.

Immediate uptake of healthy eating habits can also contribute to dental health. Eating hard and cold ice blocks or hard & sticky sugary sweets is difficult on your teeth & will wear them down or even loosen them. If certain foods take extra time and energy to chew, it is probably best to steer clear of them.

Sportspersons should always wear protective mouthguards during physical sports. A skilled dentist such as those in our network are best placed to professionally fit and supply mouthguards. They are individually contoured to your teeth and provide the best long-term protection. A sudden knock to the teeth can have disastrous consequences and can cause loose or loss of teeth. That is the last thing we all want. Dentist made guards can always be adjusted in the future and normally last a lifetime.

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These tips in mind can save you a lifetime of dental visits & expenses. We are happy to care for you during a dental emergency, but we’d prefer you avoid one in the first place!

Typically, dental emergencies can arise any time of day or night. Knowing these facts, we have gathered the best network of emergency dentists Tampa FL has to offer.

What to Expect at our Emergency Dental Clinic Tampa

  • Immediate appointments in your vicinity.
  • Clean and comfortable facilities.
  • Treatment plans to suit wide range of budgets.
  • Full range of payment choices and insurance providers.
  • Friendly and efficient customer service
  • Quality trained emergency dental professionals

COVID19 Precautions

During this period of uncertainty and worry, you can be assured that all our emergency dentists in Tampa, FL, adhere to the most stringent hygiene practices anywhere. We use the latest in sterilizing technology on all our instruments and throughout our offices.

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