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Imagine walking down the street enjoying the evening in Atlanta, it is 9pm, and suddenly, you’re blind sided with an urgent dental emergency. It sounds like you need an emergency dentist Atlanta. Perhaps you fell and damaged your jaw on the footpath, or bit down too hard on some food and cracked your tooth. What do you do? Unfortunately, you have a big work presentation the next day, and your normal dentist is closed at this time of night. Regardless, they probably would not be able to fit you in at short notice anyway.

No need to wait 12-hours plus for treatment – an emergency dentist can come to the rescue, giving you the opportunity to seek dental care immediately.
Wherever you are based in Atlanta, Emergency Dentist Near Us can help you find a 24-hour emergency dentist who suits your needs and dollar budget.

Our local mission of health for the local citizens in St. Louis, is to remain happy and never have to face any kind of dental emergency, but if the situation rears its head, we want to stand by them. This is the reason we work 24/7 and 365 days a year to ensure no patient shall ever be denied emergency dental care they require. We understand that dental emergencies cause a lot of stress and patients may lose control and get into a panic. 

appears and during that time, keeping our contact details comes in handy. We always recommend our patients to keep our contact details, so that when dental emergencies arise you never have to struggle to find nearby emergency dental care.

Common Dental Emergencies that Need Immediate Help!

We handle all kinds of dental emergencies with the utmost of care. We have all the equipment and tools ready to meet any emergency. The most common dental emergencies we experience in St. Louis are

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  • Acute toothache
  • Broken Jaw
  • Lost Filling
  • Broken Braces
  • Knocked-Out Tooth

There truly exist a hundred reasons to seek emergency dental care, from minor teeth injury, to severe pain or oral infection. At Emergency Dentist Near Us, we excel at keeping your teeth safe in all situations but when the condition worsens, we are well-equipped with various other modern technique treatments to perform the latest tooth replacement procedure. In any case, discussion of the condition with the patient to make an informed decision is our hallmark.

Why Choose Us?

Our mission is to never let any dental patient find any of our offices closed or not able to help. Our goal is to provide exceptional dental care no matter where your location is. Our dental service covers a huge span of area. In case, our clinic is not listed in your area, we can schedule your appointment to the nearest dental clinic.

  • Trusted 24/7 day-night emergency dental care service
  • Actively attends each patient and provide the required treatment immediately, no delays
  • For anxious patients, sedation or pain free injection technology is available
  • We are a team of highly experienced dentists, hygienists, including specialists in periodontics, orthodontics, endodontics and prosthodontics
  • Our clinic is well-equipped with modern tools to perform x-rays, CT Scan and more diagnosis
  • Diverse payment options

Get in touch with us for affordable, quick and reliable urgent dental service in St. Louis and surrounding areas.

Need a Dentist ASAP? Contact Us