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At Emergency Dentist Near Us, we have been servicing the local community for countless year. Our focus is on having the best and most affordable emergency dentist San Antonio has to offer. Emergency Dental Care in San Antonio is always ahead of the pack in the services offered to patients. Above all we have many offices around the local area that can provide 24hr urgent dental care when needed at day or night.

No need to wait 12-hours plus for treatment – an emergency dentist can come to the rescue, giving you the opportunity to seek dental care immediately.

What does a typical Dental Emergency look like?

Typically, dental emergencies can arise any time of day or night. Knowing these facts, we have gathered the best network of emergency dentists San Antonio has to offer. We have compiled a list of common problems that need urgent dental care:


If you are experiencing toothache or pain, see your dentist as soon as possible. This can be a sign of a larger issue that needs urgent attention. Please do not leave it to late as your health problems can escalate quite quickly.

Jaw Issues

A swollen jaw can be caused by a range of issues, from trauma to infection, and can require an emergency dentist visit in San Antonio, TX.

Fillings and Crown Maintenance

When you lose a filling or crown that covers a tooth, it can be quite a painful experience. Aspen Dental emergency dental care services can help alleviate the underlying issue. If you lose a filling or crown, or it becomes loose, call our office to schedule the earliest possible appointment.

Difficulty/Bleeding with Gums

Call the office line today to get emergency relief for bleeding and sore gums. We will work to understand the cause of your gum issues and provide a solution.

Root Canals

A root canal is a common procedure that helps save a tooth from needing to be pulled—and helps save you from further pain.

Urgent Dental Repairs

Accidents happen, and sometimes they affect our teeth. If a tooth is broken, chipped, becomes loose, or is knocked out, Emergency Dentist Near Us services in San Antonio, TX have you covered.

For any other medical or dental emergencies, call 911 immediately to find the care you need.

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What to Expect at our Emergency Dentist Clinic in San Antonio, TX

  • Same day appointments that suit your schedule and location.
  • Same-day treatment using state of the art modern dental technology.
  • Affordable treatment plans to suit all.
  • Full range of payment choices and insurance providers.
  • Everything explained to you from start to finish.
  • Highly skilled and friendly dental professionals.
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COVID19 Precautions

During this period of uncertainty and worry, you can be assured that all our emergency dentists in Atlanta, GA, adhere to the most stringent hygiene practices anywhere. We use the latest in sterilizing technology on all our instruments and throughout our offices.