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Experiencing a dental emergency and urgently require an emergency dentist in Omaha Nebraska.  In almost all cases, our dentists can see you the same day you call. To discuss your options or to schedule an emergency dental visit, please call (877)414-0812 now. We have highly skilled dentists ready to help you on almost every corner.

As a 24-hour emergency clinic in Omaha Nebraska, we do reserve several times in our daily schedule for urgent dental problems. Whether you are a current patient or have never visited us before, open emergency dental appointments are always available. At Emergency Dentist Near Us, we always have our customer’s interest at heart. Whatever the time of day or night we urge you to call us.

No need to wait 12-hours plus for treatment – an emergency dentist can come to the rescue, giving you the opportunity to seek dental care immediately.

We have connected with a huge network of leading dentists in Omaha, and together, we can provide you and your family with a complete array of services from family dentistry to emergency dental care, and urgent care.

In the vast majority of cases, helping solve our patients’ pain by treating the causal problem such as decay, accidents, exposed nerve endings due to lost fillings, etc. When you call Emergency Dentist Near Us, you will be able to meet with a highly skilled Omaha Emergency dentist who can make your day and smile so much brighter by addressing your pain.

However, because we offer the best emergency care the residents of Omaha could possibly imagine, our staff also has the expertise to perform any cosmetic procedure you might require such as implants, replacement, veneers and composites.

What to Expect at our 24hr Dentist Omaha

  • Same day appointments that suit your schedule and location.
  • Same-day treatment using state of the art modern dental technology.
  • Affordable treatment plans to suit all.
  • Full range of payment choices and insurance providers.
  • Everything explained to you from start to finish.
  • Highly skilled and friendly dental professionals.
Dental Emergency or Not?

What qualifies as a dental emergency? There is a wide range of issues. Anything that feels serious or pressing to you, call our dentists to find out if you need emergency care. The following are some of the most common urgent situations:

Need a Dentist ASAP? Contact Us
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Toothache – This may be the symptom of advanced serious infection. Call our dentists right away to schedule an appointment.

Knocked out tooth – Call our staff to get into our office as soon as possible for an immediate appointment.  It is possible the tooth can be attached by our emergency dentist in Omaha Nebraska. If possible, pick up the tooth by its crown. Rinse with water and try to re-insert it in the socket right away. Try to gently push with your fingers or bite down. If you cannot do this, make sure it stays moist until you can get to the dentist, either by holding it in your mouth or putting it in milk. If this involves a child and a baby tooth, then do not try to re-plant the tooth.

Chipped or broken teeth – Rinse your oral cavity with warm salty water to clear away any foreign matter from the area, especially if you fell in the dirt or outside when the tooth broke. A cold compress can reduce swelling. Give us a call to arrange an urgent appointment. A tooth crown, an inlay or onlay, or dental bonding may be recommended to restore the tooth.

Swelling of the jaw and/or face – Swelling and soreness in your face may be caused by a dental problem like an abscessed tooth, which is a dental emergency. Swelling may also be caused by teeth grinding or tension on the jaw joints. Call our 24hr emergency dentist Omaha to schedule an urgent appointment to solve your issue.

Broken dental restorations. Chipped fillings, broken crowns, loose retainer – anytime one of these dental restorations or appliances are damaged, you should seek repair. Call our dentists to schedule an appointment.

COVID19 Precautions

During this period of uncertainty and worry, you can be assured that all our emergency dentists in Omaha, NE, adhere to the most stringent hygiene practices anywhere. We use the latest in sterilizing technology on all our instruments and throughout our offices.

Please visit www.nebraska.gov for any further resources  you may need in relation  to our beautiful part of the USA.

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