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Your dental health is our prime concern and if you are in pain, we will resolve it PROMPTLY!!

At Emergency Dentist Near us, our core value is to attend patient the moment they come to us. Prompt and effective service is our speciality. We never make our patients wait for long hours to attend them. We are committed to providing immediate relief to our patients in all conditions. Our 24/7 emergency dental service makes us unique in the industry. You can call us during any hour, day or night, to seek emergency dental attention. We also attend walk-in patients during the dental crisis with utmost diligence.

No need to wait 12-hours plus for treatment – an emergency dentist can come to the rescue, giving you the opportunity to seek dental care immediately.

Dental emergencies are always painful, and they are a big threat to your oral health. They occur at times when you least expect them but all you have to do is stay strong and fight with it. We have a talented network of the best dentists in Nashville TN and we are beside you 24/7.

Immediate appointment for you

Ignoring dental emergencies can lead to complications that last longer and can cost thousands once all treatments have been completed.

If you are in dental pain, never neglect it. Call us at (877) 414-0812 today to schedule an immediate appointment for you!!

We see our patients during office hours as well as after hours. We are ready to meet you at the time that suits you be it 1am or 1pm. Our dental emergency service in Nashville is a holistic approach to cover all dental crisis be it a regular dental check-up or an emergency. We are always open to attend our patients with the same enthusiasm and commitment to get you out of discomfort as early as possible.

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Patient’s Initial Visit                                      

Thorough Diagnosis  

When you visit us initially, one of our dentists in Nashville TN will check your oral condition and recommend the best effective treatment. Our dentist shall explain you the entire treatment plan including the cost, duration of the treatment, after-effects and all possible information to enable you to make the decision.      

Comfortable Appointment

We understand the requirement of the patients to visit the dental clinic during off-business hours. If you are one of those patients seeking to meet us at weekends or after business hours, be prepared to listen ‘YES’ from us. We accommodate flexible appointment to keep our patient’s schedule at ease.  

Comfortable & Effective Treatment  

Through our years of experience, we come to know one secret about patients. Unless they are comfortable with the dentist and staff, they are hesitant in taking treatment. Keeping this fact in view, we make sure to establish a positive rapport with our patient to gain their trust. Or brilliant dentist and staff are capable of handling any type of acute dental crisis with ease.    

Handling Dental Emergency with Skill

Emergency Dentist Near Us is always present by your side to meet any dental emergencies, but there are few tips that patients can handle to provide immediate relief and prevent further damage.

  • Broken Teeth- Use warm water to flush out any pieces from the mouth and compressed cold water pack at the trauma area to minimize the pain and swelling.
  • Knocked-Out Tooth- Pick the tooth and place it in a container filled with milk and bring it to our emergency dental care within 2 hours to place it back.
  • Acute Toothache- Rinse mouth with warm water or apply cold compressed ice-pack to relieve the pain
  • Loose Crown- Put the crown back and if you fail try over the counter denture adhesive for immediate assistance.
Emergency Dentist Near Us loves to serve our community with quick and emergency dental care. Call us  make an appointment TODAY!!
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